"Water World", which is located by "Valensia" hotel and resort, welcomes our guests with open arms, every day from 11.00 AM till 9.00 PM since June up to September.

It is one of the most popular places in Armenia, for the rest with families, where you can enjoy all pleasures of water entertainments & completely relax from daily problems.

We are maintained all international standards of safety of attractions for kids & adults as well.

"Water World" - the place of breathtaking adventure. Here is they are…
"Wave Pool" with unbelievable high waves, " Jacuzzi -Bar" where You can enjoy the variety of exotic cocktails and water massage, "Adventure Pool" - that's the only place you can get an amazing flight into the deepest pool we have, then you can have a breathtaking drive at the high speed from the top of the "Black hole" to the fairy of water world and so, and so…... and especially for kids we have two swimming pools with waterfalls, fountains and slides.

"Water World"- that's the world of pleasure, with high and professional service we provide.

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Water World Villashin
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