"Valensia Hotel & Resort"

place of rest & entertainment.

The Hotel situated in the picturesque corner of the city of Yerevan (25 km from the airport) is considered to be a masterpiece of luxury and comfort combined with European elegant style. Being a unique hotel of a cottage style "Valensia" reminds a small exotic town with its gorgeous cottages surrounded with green and flowers.

From here you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Yerevan and also the awesome view of "Water world" where the water actions will entertain them during their stay at the hotel and will give a splendid pleasure.

In the "streets" of this hotel you'll see the guests walking carelessly and meeting the dawn or going to restaurant of the hotel to have there their tasty breakfast. The beautiful flowerbeds will meet you at the entrance of the room and near the Diplomatic Suit you'll be surprised seeing a wonderful waterfall with outcropping hills. Sitting in the nearby arbor you'll enjoy the clatter of the water falling down the rocks, which will repel you from your everyday duties and will reveal old nice memories.

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